Facts About Curvy Women

As the name suggests, a curvy body type is the one that is characterized by curves. On the other hand, a curvy woman is one with a hourglass body shape/figure. Period. This figure is characterized by wide hips, bust and thighs as compared to the waist which is (the waist) comparatively narrow. When an individual mentions “a curvy body type”, he is talking about a lady. Curvy women are actually pretty and they win a lot of attention from men. Did you know that curvy women are envied by other women? – Just because they are beautiful and adorable.

A good aspect that indicates curviness is the bust size and the waist-hip ratio. The ideal waist- hip ratio is supposed to be 0.7 or even less. This corresponds to hip measurements that are up to 10 inches larger than the waist. When this is combined with large bust size, then we come up with the amazing figure – the curvy woman.

The waist-hip ratio is one of the most important parameters of determining beauty. A lot of researchers have tied the ratio of 0.7 to the overall attractiveness, across cultures for centuries.

Why do men love curvy women?

There is no doubt that every man would love to be associated with a curvy woman. They are beautiful and are worth to ‘own’ – that is what men say. Dating a curvaceous woman can be one of the best experiences in a person’s life. It is a reward in every man’s brain.

Facts about curvy women

1. They are better

Curvy Women are better in various aspects. This idea is an American concept that tends to associate curvy women to being better when it comes to love. They are considered different since they have better features and personality make up.

2. They get attention

They develop their curves and other features sooner than other women and this is the reason why they get men’s attention faster than women with other body types. According to experts, well-shaped hips have a relation with fertility as well as the overall health.

The bottom line

All the arguments that have been put across about the curvy ladies are true. In fact, if you are a man, a woman’s shape should influence your choice. Research studies have revealed that men value ladies with more mature physical make ups like curves. This is evident especially when men are threatened economically, physically and even socially. Therefore, the idea of curvy ladies should never be taken lightly.


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Top 10 Dating Tips every one needs it !

Top 10 Dating tips

My First Pinterest Fail


I really like banana chips. I also know that banana chips really aren’t that good for you because so many things are added to them. I thought that maybe I could make my own though so I took to Pinterest! Almost every website says you can cut bananas, throw them on the baking sheet with some lemon juice, and work that oven! Unfortunately for me… This didn’t work out AT ALL. The bananas never became chips. They stayed mushy! Some people commented that once you take them out of the oven they can be mushy but they harden while they are sitting out. Incorrect!



Mine stayed mushy and eventually I couldn’t remove them at all. It was so bad. I also bought so many bananas – because I thought I would be making millions of banana chips – that I eventually made a new banana bread recipe. Get…

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How Do I Attract a Girlfriend? You Might Want to Follow These Tips

Fredrik Neij with girlfriend

Fredrik Neij with girlfriend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s hard to feel like you want to have a girlfriend but you also feel like you really don’t know exactly what to do to get women to feel that way about you. Maybe you have had experiences where you have been stuck in the friend zone with a woman you’d rather be dating. Maybe you feel awkward and nervous when you are around a woman you really would like to get to know better. Whatever your reason for feeling like you don’t know exactly what to do to attract a girlfriend, you should know that no matter what, you can find out what it is that you need to do to make a woman feel attracted to you.

Here are some tips that you might want to follow if you are looking to attract a girlfriend:

1. You need to really take a look at your appearance because that is the first thing that you’ll be judged on.

It might not be what you want to hear, but your appearance is one of the first things that a woman will judge you on. You don’t have to worry about being ripped or looking like a movie star. What you do have to worry about is that you give off the impression that you are confident, that you have your own unique style, and that you don’t look like you can’t take care of yourself.

2. You need to know how to start a conversation with a woman that builds attraction.

Not all small talk is created equal. There are lots of ways to start a conversation with a woman that don’t help you build attraction at all. A classic example is to talk about the weather. That might be a good way to get her to talk, but it is not going to make her feel attracted to you. On the other hand, there ARE ways to start a conversation with a woman that WILL lead to her feeling an increasing amount of attraction and that is what you want to focus on.

3. You have to be okay with failing with a few women before you attract a girlfriend.

You can’t have those unreal expectations of being able to go out one night, approach one woman, and have her end up being the right woman for you. You have to be okay with the fact that you are probably going to fail with some women and that some women that do feel attracted to you are not going to be right as a girlfriend. If you are okay with that – then you should be able to end up attracting a woman you can have a good relationship with.

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He Cheated. Is it Your Fault?

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By QuickieChick Laurel House

12 Ways to Drive Your Partner Into Someone Else’s Arms… (And How-to AVOID it!)
Is he cheating?1. Don’t be so insecure
2. Don’t point out and bring attention to your flaws
3. Don’t point out and bring attention to someone who you think is “better” for them
4. Don’t be a cold fish
5. Don’t use intimacy as a tool against them- only letting them touch you if they “deserve” to
6. Don’t be so needy- like jello, if you squeeze too hard they could slip through your fingers
7. Don’t constantly question them, ask them if they are cheating, what they did last night, or look in their phone. If you make them feel like they have something to hide, they might feel like they should start hiding things.
8. Don’t be such a nag
9. Be Confident
10. Flirt
11. Put some effort…

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