My First Pinterest Fail


I really like banana chips. I also know that banana chips really aren’t that good for you because so many things are added to them. I thought that maybe I could make my own though so I took to Pinterest! Almost every website says you can cut bananas, throw them on the baking sheet with some lemon juice, and work that oven! Unfortunately for me… This didn’t work out AT ALL. The bananas never became chips. They stayed mushy! Some people commented that once you take them out of the oven they can be mushy but they harden while they are sitting out. Incorrect!



Mine stayed mushy and eventually I couldn’t remove them at all. It was so bad. I also bought so many bananas – because I thought I would be making millions of banana chips – that I eventually made a new banana bread recipe. Get…

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2 thoughts on “My First Pinterest Fail

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