4 Vital Tips on How to Date Girl

For those who are interested in dating a girl, there are plenty of things they’ll need to keep in mind, because it seems that many men, especially if they’re good looking, think that their beauty is enough. They’re very wrong though, because if someone’s beautiful that won’t give them a free ticket and allow them to skip some very important stages any date involves. Below, this article will offer some very important tips for men who want to date a girl as soon as possible.

English: Spencer and Melissa, before they star...

English: Spencer and Melissa, before they started dating. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Being polite is very important when approaching a girl, no matter if it’s online or in real life. Guys should completely avoid checking her body out while talking to her and make remarks about it. If someone wishes to compliment a woman about something, they should avoid complimenting her breasts, because that’s actually a bit too specific. Instead, they could compliment her overall appearance or any part of her body that’s non-sexual.

2. Next, to date girl people should show they are confident. Girls love guys who are confident and make them feel like they can take on any challenge. This doesn’t mean doing extravagant things, but actually showing it in a more subtle way through the look in their eyes when doing or saying something (like suggesting a nice restaurant).

3. However, dating someone will not work if the guy doesn’t actually know what and when to say it. A girl wants to date a real man and not someone who is insecure and boring. That is why guys should try and be relaxed (even though it’s hard to do that when dating someone), because this is highly appreciated by girls. Filling that awkward silence with some interesting things is definitely going to go a long way in her opinion about who she’s dating.

4. Last but not least, guys should be funny and crack jokes when they can. Every girl out there, regardless of culture, certainly appreciates good humor and for those who are capable of making good jokes, they’ll win her over way faster than by using any other dating techniques.

With that being said, it seems that dating a girl is not as hard as it seems and by following these tips everyone will be able to finally date that special girl they may already be in love with for a long time. Good luck to everyone using them to get that special someone they so much like!

My name is Cheris Henry from the Caribbean.
I have spent a few years trying different techniques, compiling and recording the results. I am certain that the date a girl information on my website, Free Bonus eBook and the Secret Dating Tips eBook will blow your mind and significantly increase your success with women.

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3 thoughts on “4 Vital Tips on How to Date Girl

  1. Jokes are my favorite lubricant to an otherwise awkward personal approach. Love the article.]

  2. Good advice. I’m pretty well out of the dating game; have been for a while. But you never know. The ‘right one’ might just come around the corner. Patience is a virtue. 🙂

  3. Great advice! I agree with almost everything written here. However, there is one thing of which many men actually take too far. They are actually “too polite.” Many men believe that by being polite they can actually manipulate the woman into giving love and affection. This couldn’t be further from the the truth. In fact, on a subconscious level the woman can tell that the man is attempting to utilize “niceness” as a way to manipulate her according to his will. This is why many say “nice guys finish last.”

    But if we really think about it, are these guys actually nice? Well, if you’re nice to a girl because you want something from her, does that make you polite? No, it makes you a child, and she can tell.

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